The Tiny iPhone SE Snuck Right By Me!

The new iPhone SE, “small edition”, snuck right by me with that ‘new’ screen size, which is exactly the same size as the iPhone 4.  It sorta has the same feel too it.  So, I’m going to call it the iPhone 4 second generation.

It certainly has had a boost in the spec area though.  New camera, the 64bit processor, the TouchID.  It looks like the perfect compromise for the people who tell you your phone is too big.

I had an iPhone 4, and loved it.  It was also my last iPhone.  Not because I didn’t like Apple, ios or anything like that.  It was because at the time I had a lot of fun with the jailbroken ios.  I had unix apps running in an x11 app.  I had a php, mysql server, etc.  I liked having all that so much that I jumped to Android for the Chroot experience.  I have not been disappointed!

Xserver XSDL has come such an incredibly long way; Linux Deploy makes setting up a Chroot a 100% effortless install.  I enjoy it.  However, the size of my phone has expanded with all of these exciting apps.  (Which again brings me to my pet peeve with Androids absolute gigantic DPI.)


Anyway, this is about the iPhone SE.  It’s out and you’ll be able to get it at T-Mobile in about two hours!  Looks like great device with all the speed and the quality camera you’ve come to expect from an iPhone.  It’s also the perfect size for 90% of the population, especially the iOS population.  The Apple people have those really nice iPads, and with one of them around, and being so portable, the screen size of your phone suddenly doesn’t matter.

The iPhone 6s seems to have gotten a few extra colors as well.  Check out the picture below.


NOTE:  This by no stretch should be viewed as a T-Mobile promo.  It’s just the carrier I happen to have.  T-Mobile should be ashamed of themselves for their little binge on scheme.  You can’t hide your dirty tricks with a great sounding scam to us all.




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