Happy Easter! Here’s An Easter Raspberry Pi Project

How about an Easter day project!  Paint Easter eggs with a Raspberry Pi!

Before we get started:  The EggBot project is an open-source hardware and software project that’s compliant with the Open Source Hardware Definition.  The wiki, Evil Mad Science Laboratories has lots of very detailed instructions.  They also sell a kit called the Eggbot, but you can make one using parts off an old printer.  You’ll also need a Raspberry Pi or clone or any linux computer really.

Maybe this project sounds like a lot of work for an Easter project but remember it can print on things like:  Ping pong balls, golf ballslacrosse ballslarge marbles, stone balls, ball bearings, mini pumpkins, light bulbs (which sounds like the most fun to be honest), holiday ornaments and wine glasses are just some of the other items that have been drawn on.  You can print on almost anything that’s sturdy, spherical or ellipsoidal, will fit in the robot, and has a fairly smooth surface.  So get to making!




The inventor of the project was on Martha Stewart’s show if you’d like to see the video and hear a little history of the eggbot.  Check it out here.

The software part of the Eggbot requires inkscape and the EggBot extensions,

The hardware: Egg-bot hardware reference design here (900 kB .zip archive).

The reference design includes the following files:

  • Bill of materials, CSV format
  • 1/4″ plywood pen-arm parts, Inkscape SVG
  • 1/4″ Poplar pen-arm part, Inkscape SVG
  • 0.020″ delrin part, Inkscape SVG
  • 0.010″ acetal copolymer, Inkscape SVG
  • Eggbot chassis “acrylic” reference design, Inkscape SVG
  • Eggbot chassis original design, gEDA/PCB
  • Precision Egg Coupler design (Solidworks/PDF with readme)
  • Aluminum Pen Arm Backer design (Solidworks/PDF with readme)

The wood and plastic parts can be cut by standard laser-cutting processes, or other machine tools at your discretion.  But, let’s be honest, most of us will use a saw.  The Egg-Bot production chassis is made from fiberglass in a PCB process; a reference version is also provided in case you would like to make one from laser-cut acrylic (or other materials) instead. The two machined parts (Precision Egg Coupler and Aluminum Pen Arm Backer) are optional replacements for the versions in the base design.

Follow along with some great instructions at Evil Mad Scientist wiki or refer to instructables.

Happy Easter!


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