The Internet Archive puts up Thousands of Windows 3.1 Games.

Thousands of Windows 3.1 Games Put up on The Internet Archive.  Workers over 30 Stop Being Productive Everywhere.

A wide and varied collection of Shareware programs for the Windows 3.0/3.1/3.1.1 systems of the early 1990s. Many are written in visual Basic, utilizing the then-new programmable user interface of Windows to allow a greater amount of independent programmers to make applications.

I scrolled through them all.  A lot of them looked familiar.  Maybe not because I played them all, but because as a child I could only choose one shareware game to take home while we were at the computer store.  I read all the boxes and examined all the screenshots to make sure I wasn’t taking home something like Jeopardy.  I almost made it through them all before I just had to stop and try one game out.  The Even More Incredible Machine! 



On a side note:

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