Real Media Screws up Bill Gates Statement in FBI vs Apple Comment.

Real media outlets are misleading the public by taking Bill Gates comment and making it seem like he supports a back door program.

CNN did a nice little story about how headlines took Bill Gates Comments too far.

Personally I think Bill Gates is basically saying that in a perfect world under extremely special circumstances the FBI can ask for help from software companies.

But, we don’t live in a perfect world and the government doesn’t have a great track record for respecting privacy.  As Gates said “But striking that balance — clearly the government has taken information historically and used it in ways we didn’t expect, going all the way back to say the FBI under J. Edgar Hoover.”  There will always be a reason to get information and over time as Americans get used to the idea that this is okay, the reasons will become more regular  behind the need to use a backdoor.

Let’s all ignore the fact that backdoors are always found, and could easily be used against our own government.  They’re forgetting their consumers of the same companies as well.

So, this is a reminder to ignore headlines like that of ABC and think for yourself.  The media is a group of people no smarter than the rest of us.



Eddie Dounn

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