CM 13 released! Cyanogen’s Take On Android M as CM 13 release 1!

Your wait is over!  CM 13 has been released!


The biggest additions to CM 13

CM13 Changelog (the huge stuff):

A delta some place around 12.1 and 13.0 will show a considerable number changes (Google’s, Qualcomms’s, Linux Foundation, CM Community’s, etc), in any case we ought to explore the ones that you are inclined to observe:

Whisperpush capacity (mixed SMS) – emptied

Ousted from CM programming comprehensive, no substitution

Settings > About phone > Advanced mode – removed.

New lead is to show all settings at all times.

Settings > Notification Drawer > Quick Settings – removed

New lead is to control organization and choices clearly by method for QS board through “modify” tile or long-press of settings mechanical assembly in the draw down extent

QS board plan things, for instance, ‘amplify first segment’ and ‘show atmosphere’ now show on uttermost left QS sheet while in modify mode.

‘Impelled region settings’ renamed to ‘Tri-state territory’

Settings > Status bar

New controls for ‘Status bar images’ (repurposing of SystemUI tuner from AOSP)

Settings > Lockscreen > Quick open – emptied

No substitution; security basic as a result of Android Gatekeeper

Settings > Sim Cards > manual provisioning switch (Multisim) – emptied

Reliant on Qualcomm extphone. At present no substitution.

Settings > About phone > Build date

Triple tap to get the chance to demo mode (engineer/promoting highlight to systematize renders).

Settings > Lock screen > Owner data – supplanted

Supplanted with ‘Lock screen message’ (AOSP change)

Settings > Memory

New screen (AOSP) to show memory use over a picked time period

Contraption specific executions of twofold tap-to-wake supplanted by AOSP use

No huge customer influence

CM utilization of calm mode supplanted by AOSP execution

CM Protected applications

New envelope UX for review secured content

One of a kind imprint support for getting to secured content

Redesigned ability to keep away from access while holding usability

A secured application can never again be impelled through Play Store

Application notification and organizations are not hampered by certification status

Power menu ability to swap System Profiles – removed

Planning basic – QS board tile for System Profiles as handy substitution

New SMS/MMS Application

We have traded off of the Qualcomm based advising application (Mms-caf) to the AOSP one (Messaging). Conspicuous parts, for instance, ‘Quick reply’ are available, yet there may be slight assortments in UI/UX.


In light of new approval model API in M, Privacy screen has been re-intended to be pleasing with this new environment. Crucial assent interest for “Normal” security level approvals will be dealt with by our group manager for non Google customers, or Google’s executive for those that settle on Googley bits.

Customers hold ability to control fine-grained assents by method for Settings > Privacy > Privacy Guard

Snap Camera

A couple of devices now send with an updated camera application considering Qualcomm’s Snapdragon camera. For devices that don’t support the Snap application, you will hold the Camera2 application as in 12.1.

Cyanogen Apps pack

A CM13.0 steady C-Apps is not yet open, but instead should be landing in a week or some place in the region. Keep your eyes out if this is something you rely on upon.


Here is a good video showing off some of the new features:



Some Of The Great CM 13 OEM backgrounds:




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