Android With Linux as Desktop

An Android Phone With Linux Desktop.

This isn’t a new concept.  The Motorola Atrix (My personal favorite Android phone) did this.  Ubuntu is doing it with Convergence.  Microsoft is doing it with Continuum.  Geeks have been doing it with Chroots.  But this phone does it with an Atom x3, and it’s around $100.


Intel has a budget smartphone on Intel-based , which thanks to MHL (Mobile High-Definition Link) via HDMI can connect to a monitor and there is a working environment with a Debian distribution.  You get for around $100 a smartphone with Android running and simultaneously on a bigscreen a Debian desktop.  It’s Intel Concept Phone S305.   The prototype of SoFIA (smart or feature phone with Intel Architecture) runs an Atom X3 SoC.


This allows Intel with its hardware partners, a similar approach to Microsoft’s Continuum and the a little more powerful Snapdragon SoCs that are installed for example in Lumia 950th.  Intel’s solution is, however, intended for the low-budget range and combines Android with Debian Linux.



Intel uses for the prototype runs a Debian distribution has 1 to 2 GB of memory, depending on the hardware partner.  Foxconn has either helped make the prototype, or is a manufacturer on board for this concept.




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