Salami Slicing Worm Investing App. Invest With Micro Transactions

I came accross an app called Acorns that reminded me of essentially a penny shaving worm, but in a legitimate way.  It’s a neat way to easily start saving money, and could be seen as a teaching tool for first time investers.


Even if you’re not new to investing, it’s still really neat.  You simply sign up, log into your bank through the secured app.  It simply deposits the rounded up difference, or change, and deposits it into a ETF account.  If you’re a student it’s free to use this.  If not, it costs only $1 a month.  I’m enjoying it just because it’s neat to see myself saving all this money that I never take into account.  When I buy something I basically round up to the nearest dollar and pretend that’s how much I spent.  A cup of coffee at $3.65 costs $4, because .35¢ goes into my Acorns app!

I recommend it!  Here is an invite that will put $5 dollars into your account when you sign up as well as $5 to the HackerAttitude server found. Start investing with Acorns today! Get $5 when you use my invite code:

Start your account with $5

If you’re a student, remember to sign up with.your .edu email to use the service for free.





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