Canadian Supreme Court Orders Google To Delist Website Globally.

There goes the internet!

 Large companies are anxiously waiting to flood Google with world wide site delisting requests.

The internet is constantly under attacked.  This step is a huge win for companies and a much bigger problem for the users.  At the very core of this ruling:  It’s allowing small groups to decide what information can and cannot be found.  Throw in some lobbying money, under the table rewards, and in a few years it’ll just cost a company money to make an internet problem disappear.

Canadian Supreme Court has ordered Google to delist an entire website.  Globally delisted.  On the grounds of intellectual property infringement.

A company infringing on another company’s intellectual property continues to sell the product.  Google was brought in the dispute and required to remove the infringing pages so consumers can’t find them anymore.

Due to the courts inability to stop the infringing company from continuing to profit off this infringement, after the original ruling, they took it a step further and made it Google’s problem.

For more details of the actual court proceedings check out CompleteMusicUpdate.Com’s article that goes into much more detail.  Music industry welcomes landmark ruling in Google delisting case

Hopefully the users of the internet can one day stand up for what is ours, instead of leaning on the few good companies to fight for our freedoms.  I have no doubt that a new method will come around that allows us to all get the information we want.  As one lawyer said, ‘the wack-a-mole’ game has to stop,  businesses have no place in what can and cannot be available to us.

Eddie Dounn

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