Ashley Madison user data on dark web

“Did you know 15,000 email addresses found in the Ashley Madison hacker data dump contained .mil or .gov addresses?”


A hacker group called The Impact Team claimed credit for last month’s hack on AshleyMadison and its companion site Established Men, as well as gaining access to the databases of Avid Life Media (ALM), the company that owns the two websites. The Impact Team said they had gained access to a large amount of data from their hack. This includes user profiles and financial records to ALM salary information. The Impact Team also claimed responsibility for today’s information leak on the dark web.

The Impact Team initially demanded that ALM take AshleyMadison and Established Men permanently offline, or else they would release customer records and profiles, including real names and customers’ “secret sexual fantasies” and they were true to their promise.

In a statement attributed to The Impact Team on Tuesday, the hacker group said, “Find yourself in here? It was ALM that failed you and lied to you. Prosecute them and claim damages. Then move on with your life. Learn your lesson and make amends.”

ALM media has told various sources that they are actively monitoring and investigating this situation to determine the validity of any information posted online and will continue to devote significant resources to this effort. Furthermore, they claim that they will continue to put forth substantial efforts into removing any information unlawfully released to the public, as well as continuing to operate our business. However, one thing that I personally know is that if this information was released to various torrent websites there is not much anyone can do about getting the leaked information removed from the web. The information is already in the hands of people you do not want to have it and most torrent websites can handle these types of threats without getting shut down.

Lists of email addresses of AshleyMadison users are currently being circulated on social media websites and other locations on the web. Several email addresses appear to be connected to members of different governments, including the UK government, but are likely to be fake. It should be noted that the site doesn’t require email verification, which could mean that many of the emails used are fake or previously compromised. A Twitter user has said “Did you know 15,000 email addresses found in the Ashley Madison hacker data dump contained .mil or .gov addresses?”


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