Samsung’s Gear Early Access Program

Samsung’s new developer API’s show some refinement now that the wearable market is getting more competitive.


Samsung’s pushing their new gear soon.   An updated UI, an updated new smart watch.  It’s obviously round this time.










I’m unable to share much more than this as Developers have to sign a confidentiality agreement to download the SDK’s.  The documentation show’s quite a bit of enhancements.

It sounds all great for the new Gear!  However, there are unanswered questions in Samsung’s forums asking weather or not the Gear 2 will see the update.  I haven’t seen an update to my Gear 2 since I purchased it.   It’s not looking good for the Gear 2.

As ‘bob’ put in the Samsung forms:

I haven’t seen any firmware updates on the Gear 2 for months, so I assume the answer is that it is already sunset.




Source:  Samsung

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