Install Ubuntu Directly from The Windows Store And Get Your Linux On!

   Microsoft has been playing very nice with Linux, Android, and macOS lately. Now users can even install Ubuntu from the Windows Store.

Some great changes have been taking place the last few years inside Microsoft and it’s benefiting everyone.
Canonical and Microsoft have been working on getting Ubuntu to run inside Windows for awhile. In fact, we wrote about it right here more than a year ago.

With the Microsoft pushing sandboxing of the Windows OS, anyone wanting to make apps for Windows are going to need to put it inside the Windows Store to make it available to users. Ubuntu is now available in the store. Windows Insider.

We’re macOS users around here. Less and less loyal albeit, but one thing that makes changing over to Windows has been the lack of a shell (that we understand).  We’ll be trying this out, testing a few installs; nodeJS, php, MySQL, ect. It may be enough to switch for some, and that idea has certainly been tossed around the last year. We’ll get back here regarding all that after we get out hands on it.

Hopefully Microsoft does sandboxing a lot like Apple’s macOS or Android. Allowing flexibility for those who want and need it. Lately they have been making good decisions that benefit a lot of different types of users and we hope that it continues.

If you’re interested in knowing more:

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