Xposed framework Available for Android Lollipop

Xposed Lollipop Xposed for Lollipop is officially supported.  Get it at Github.

As per the XDA forums, a few additional changes come along.

The other changes are:
– Installer: Display the installed framework version in green, instead of a static hint about flashing the framework via recovery.
– Fix for incomplete logs on some devices, seehttps://github.com/rovo89/Xposed/issues/34
– Fix for updated modules crashing until the next reboot, seehttps://github.com/rovo89/Xposed/issues/22
– Ignore unknown parameters to avoid bootloops on some devices, see https://github.com/rovo89/android_art/issues/7
– Some other internal improvements
– Some cherry-picked ART commits from AOSP
– Devs: Allow hooking native methods, seehttps://github.com/rovo89/Xposed/issues/28
– Devs: Several debugger fixes, seehttps://github.com/rovo89/android_art/issues/1

Builds for X86 and ARM are available.  Which is exciting news as well!


Download it and remember to follow the installation instructions.  As always remember to thank the Author, Jack Jennings.


Happy Hacking!


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