Nexus N planned for 2016. The rise of Huawei.

What Google did for Samsung, they will do for Huawei.  Next years 2016 Nexus, the Nexus N, has talks about Huawei as being the manufacturer.


It makes perfect sense.  Google is struggling to keep companies from forking Android for their benefits.  Like Amazon and Samsung has done.  A huge push has been made to calm the Android manufacturer skins and mods down.  “It makes it a much less fragmented OS”.  We all know what that means.  Microsoft bought Cyanogenmod, Samsung’s dip in the market is making them focus even harder on software (like the amazing Samsung band app), Amazon is selling $50 decent tablets and pushing their face to face help button.  There’s a lot going on.

Google no longer needs to continue to help a manufacturer gain ground against Apple.  LG, Samsung, HTC, all have benefited highly from the Nexus line.  The Nexus phones have been compared directly with iPhones.  Huawei’s up next.

Now, fresh (stories that may or may not be true) suggest that both companies again will work togetherin building the Google Center 6 (2016) smartphone.

According to (clever device) China, industry expert Pan Jiutang hasshowed that the accused (of a crime) Google Center 6P (person or thing that comes after something else) will be a Huawei product. However,since it will be a very important smartphone, it is likely to be powered byFlower 820 chipset.

The Qualcomm Flower 820 was launched in Asia Friday. It has beenshowed that the newly announced SoC will be powering more than 70devices in 2016. Because of this, the Center 6P (person or thing that comes after something else) is (described a possible future event) to beone of the smartphones to feature it. Therefore, it is likely that Googlemay not use the Huawei‘s in-house chip, the Kirin 950 SoC, on the Center6 (2016) smartphone.

It is likely that the Center 6 (2016) will be arriving with Android Noperating system. The Google Pixel C team has showed through a recentReddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) session that one of the features that willarrive with the Android N is the split screen view, Android Policereported.

Even the Android OS does not come with native support for split screenview, Samsung has been providing multiple window support on its (large star system/large group of things) Note series phablets. The Center 6Pthat comes with a 5.7-inch display is a phablet device and because of this it is likely to arrive with split screen support.

Huawei and Google‘s partnership for the Center 6P in this year hasallowed the Chinese brand to enter Western markets like the U.S. andEurope. George Zhao, who is the CEO of the Huawei‘s Honor (less important thing/company owned by another company) has showed that the Honor line of smartphones will be arriving in the U.S. He has evenhinted on making an announcement at the upcoming Person (who uses a product or service) Electronics Show (CES) 2016 event in the nextmonth, Android Authority reported.

(stories that may or may not be true) are common that the Honor Play5X that has received FCC certification and it may get announced at theCES 2016 event. The Honor 7 and Honor 6 smartphones are alsoexpected to arrive in the U.S.

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