Google’s New material design Web Starter Kit framework

Material design Boilerplate Framework.

google web starter kit - hackerattitude screen shotGoogle has updated their developer site. One of the things that caught my attention about this is they have updated the look. The look is based off their new Web Starter Kit. It’s a responsive kit with a UI layout very similar to bootstrap.  It’s based on the HTML5 Boilerplate framework.  It includes some really great tools, and a nice material design UI set with icons, fonts, and grid layout.

Frameworks like these help shorten development time drastically. Taking out the UI worries allows you to focus on making a better performing app. Responsive frameworks are definately the way to go! I’m personally going to spend a little time with it and see if I like it better than BootStrap.

Here is the Visual Style Guide:

Download it from github

Coming soon HackerAttitudes Boilerplate starters guide.

google web starterkit


Checkout all the new goodies Google has put out for the devs. Try them out with me! I’ll be posting a review of it soon!

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